I/O Digital Currency (IOC)

I/O Digital Currency, an innovative, secure and user friendly crypto currency.
IOC works from the PoS system 'Proof of Stake' using less energy than
Bitcoin, which in turn, makes us more environmentally friendly to our planet.

I/O Digital Currency development team consists of highly skilled professionals,
always thinking of innovative ways to develop IOC into the best PoS currency available.

IOC - The digital payment system for the 21st Century

Learn more about I/O Digital Currency

I/O Coin is a digital currency released in early July of 2014. After the initial mining period "Proof Of Work" phase there were approximately 16 million coins minted. Just like any currency (Dollar, Euro) I/O Coin has a real world value. This value is based on the latest trades on digital currency exchanges. You also earn interest on the coins you hold in your wallet, by allowing them to 'stake', Staking helps secure the network. In turn, users are rewarded with a small unit of a coin for the length of time the wallet is open and staking. We have a highly skilled team of developers, who have created our own Proof of Stake system 'PoS I/O, HTML5 wallets, DIONS decentralized usernames allowing to send coins easily via a registered username and Android Mobile wallet with a Point of Sale feature, not seen with any other digital currency.
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Our Philosophy

We are one of the most developed and feature rich digital currencies. We focus on long term innovation. The world has just been introduced to digital currencies and many still do not know about Bitcoin, which has had a lot of media attention. Just think of digital currency like an internet connection in 1992. Most people knew about the internet and only a few used it with a 56k modem. Large adoption came a few years later. The technology was there and evolved quickly just like the state of digital currency today. Digital currency is just like that. Once people begin to realize and understand what a big advancement digital currency is, allowing people to pay for goods and services easily and quickly, with much less fees for merchants, mass adoption will soon follow. Our Team is prepared for that. I/OCoin digital currency is developing a digital coin that will make an ideal payment system, with a strong blockchain technology to future proof our development.

What we have developed so far

I/OCoin has been at the front of pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a digital currency. We have introduced IONS (soon to be upgraded) which is a fantastic feature that allows you to send and receive payments by simply using a pre-registered username, E.g. Johndoe.io, making it very easy for anyone, anywhere to send and receive I/OCoins. Not only that, but we are the first to develop a true stand alone, HTML5 desktop wallet. This was a great challenge to the team, but once again goes to show the dedication and talents we have. Many alt coins tried to make a HTML5 wallet and all had failed, this includes coins such as Litecoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin.

HTML5 wallet

Our new HTML5 Wallet features a super user friendly, secure and slick interface, that departs from the old bitcoin qt wallet. The I/O Coin team packed eye catching wallet skins that are easily interchangeable adding 3 different color schemes. The wallets feature AES-256-CBC to encrypt the private keys that are held in a wallet. With a slick interface, fast transitions and integrated IONS section, making it easy to send I/O Coins to friends and family using our aliases to send to username. In the future our wallet will expand to support new technologies in crypto.

Mobile wallet

Mobile wallet that allows you to send i/o digital currency and receive by simply using a registered IONS user name! No longer do people have to worry about remembering long wallet addresses. All you need to know is the user name of the person you wish to send the coins to and not only that, if you are unsure of the name, you can easily open the IONS address book and quickly find the name and send the number of coins. It really is that easy. Our wallet also features a Point of Sale mode. You can now easily create invoices and has the ability to share via app, email, bluetooth or text message. Auto conversion between currencies and a barcode scanner, are also new added features for easy pay at any I/O Coin accepting Merchant.



IONS Semi-Centralized I/O Name Server. A fantastic feature that allows sending and receiving payments by using a registered username. Now when sending or receiving a payment, simply enter the IONS name. Where other wallets require the long wallet address. IONS makes sending and receiving I/O Coin payments user friendly, one of the keys to world wide adoption. With our new DIONS implementation these names are stored decentrally. Please do not register new IONS right now.

Latest news around IOC

I/O Coin has been at the front of pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a digital currency. We are proud of that. To ensure you always have access to the latest news or development updates, we have a news section. We place updates, announcements and whitepapers here.

I/O Digital ecosystem

We have released our DIONS inforgraphic explaining in overview what can be achieved by our Blockchain ecosystem. Check it out on our foundation website Go to iodigital.io

DIONS White Paper

Decentralized key-value storage can be used in various ways. One of those ways is the aliases, (Decentralized implementation of IONS) as enshrined in Blockchain matching aliases to-> addresses. An improvement of this solution will be the addition of an extra message field to all transactions, as well as the expansion of aliases on Private-Addresses. This will allow store/exchange/application. To put this into a real life perspective, it would mean that you will be able to use the brand name, track purchases from different buyers, and at the same keep their balances private. Download the whitepaper.


For I/O Coin there are different official wallets available for different platforms. You should only download wallets from this website. The QT wallet is the basic wallet of I/O Coin. Don't use the QT and HTML5 wallet on one machine. The QT wallets will be discontinued and not developed any further. All future developments will be done on the HTML 5 wallet.

An (official) bootstrap.dat is available to fast track the blockchain sync - up to block 734407. You need to manually download it, unzip it and place the bootstrap.dat in the ~/Library/Application Support/iocoin (for OSX) folder and then run the wallet. The bootstrap.dat also works for Windows wallets. Windows users have to copy the bootstrap.dat file into the c\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\IOCoin folder and run the Win client again. Loading the bootstrap into the wallet could take 24 hours but is a much faster way in syncing the wallet for the first time. Download from our GitHub account here (zip).

MAC OSX SIERRA !! the HTML5 wallet has some Java related issues on SIERRA. Please use the QT version for now.

Meet the Team

We have a hard working team, hand picked from the best talents in crypto today. We are devoted to I/O Coin and its future, ensuring that our digital currency will outlast others. With long term planning in constant motion this ensures growth and global adoption.

please check out www.iodigital.io/management